About Us

We are a small team of web developers with a passion for PDF documents. In our everyday work, we need to frequently manipulate PDF documents, even if we are out of office. We had the idea to create this web service to be able to edit and convert PDF files online, also via smartphones, without the need to install third-party software. So at the end of October 2016 we decided to develop the "PDFConverto" web service with 20+ PDF tools available. With time we plan to add more and more useful tools, for free!

Our service can be used by anyone and everywhere, at home and at work. It works on desktops and on mobile devices flawlessly. We have not set limitations on the service usage, that means you can upload and convert as many PDF files as you need! And we really want to maintain this service completely free to use. This is possible thanks to advertisements revenue, so please do not block ads on our website. To help us further, you can share PDFConverto with your friends.

Thank you =)